The wine production process aims at revealing the personality of every variety, in the conditions provided by the Fintesti area in Dealu Mare. White wines are obtained from the cold fermentation of must, previously clarified through gravity decantation, exactly for retaining the freshness and aromas characteristic to the variety. All these processes are carried out in tanks of food stainless steel, because they do not affect organoleptically the finished product.

As regards red wines, a maceration-fermentation is carried out for 3-4 weeks, at temperatures between 20-28°C, for the optimum extraction of colour, aromas and tannins. The wine resulted, after a completed or almost so alcoholic fermentation, will be separated from the grapes and drawn in tanks, for the completion of the malolactic fermentation, which is to make wines more velvety and unctuous.

After the finalization of such processes, we will decide whether the wines should undergo maturation in barriques, or should remain as they are, or if they should be coupaged later.

Adjusting the fermentative process is both science and intuition. Small parameters may be daily changed during such process. Wine preparation as such is both a science and intuition and passion. Every year, grapes are different, climate is different, and wines evolve differently, even without our intervention. The small „adjustments” that we make during wine preparation supplement a complex mechanism, which leads to the birth of wine.

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